Small Business Accounting

Accounting Software in the 21st Century should be easy to use and understand, however this has been proven to be an untruth.  Looking around at so many programs on the market it’s easy to see that many of the programs that have dominated the landscape are out of touch with what the consumer is looking for.

The majority of the programs either ask the use to be an accountant or simply expect you to jump over several hurdles to perform a simple task such as entering a fuel receipt.

Notwithstanding the above, there is also the obvious appearance of unnecessary shiny objects.  What is a “Shiny Object”, this is something that looks good but in reality is absolutely useless.  It generally sucks you in as it appeals to some basic human need, but then becomes just another waste of time.

One area where shiny objects has been making a huge appearance is in the area of reporting.  There seems to be a trend that has been formulated over the past decade to provide more an more unnecessary reports.  Most of these reports seem to make sense, but when you get down to the basics nothing so any use can be gleamed from them.  Just because the program can produce 100 different reports skewing the same information 100 different ways doesn’t make it any more or less useful.


“Don’t get sucked in by all the hype”


If your looking for a program that offers back to basic principles then come along for a ride of your life..  Ok, I admit it, that sounds like a sales pitch..

But lets be real, if your after a simple back to basic’s approach to accounting then come along and see if easyas has the goods your looking for..